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Paypal Fees For Selling On eBay

As an eBay seller, you’re probably already aware of PayPal, eBay’s preferred method of accepting payments since 2002. PayPal simplifies the payment process for online shopping, but the service does come at a cost to users.

You should know how these PayPal fees for selling on eBay might significantly reduce your earnings. Payments depend on the wholesale, including shipping and handling, and vary by account type and customer area.

PayPal costs 2.9% of the amount you obtain after eBay fees, plus 30p for every transaction, which might be costly if you accept payments in other currencies.

The fees differ based on whether you accept cash, change currencies, or withdraw to an overseas bank account.

For Example, if you offer a product on eBay for $100 and accept PayPal as payment, the total charge will be $3.20 ($2.90 plus $0.30). Therefore, the transaction would pay you $96.80.

Which one is Best: PayPal Personal or Business Account?

To accept PayPal payments on eBay, you must accept bank account transfers, credit card payments, and account balances. This rule applies whether you list the item with a PayPal logo or just some text.

You cannot indicate that you will only accept a particular payment method to interested clients. Your personal account can be used to accept payments, but a business account with the necessary features is suggested. In addition, processing rapid payments are essential, and a regular version does not facilitate this.

Paypal Personal and Business Account differences?

A PayPal Personal account is suitable for casual sellers, but a PayPal Business account is preferable for those who intend to expand their online presence. A PayPal Business account has more benefits than a Personal account, and set up is free.

Website Payment Standard and Payment Pro can accept credit and debit card transactions from buyers without any PayPal account.

PayPal Business offers recurring payments, and Virtual Terminal lets you take credit cards or interact with offline clients. It’s web software that works like a credit card terminal for your business. So, a Business account is strongly suggested if you expand your eBay business.

PayPal Fee For Transactions On eBay

Are you selling on eBay? Before you start, learn about the fees, especially for PayPal and other payment processing providers.

As eBay’s preferred method of accepting payments is PayPal, you should consider its charges when calculating your profit margin. But don’t worry; we have an eBay fee calculator, so you can figure out what you’ll owe.

Don’t forget about the insertion costs, listing option fees, auction listing fees, final value fees, and even punitive penalties that can be imposed if you violate eBay’s regulations.

eBay is launching Apple Pay and Google Pay, although PayPal still processes most eBay transactions. Thereby, include these expenses in your eBay sales strategy.

If you’re selling items on eBay and want to accept payments using PayPal, remember that the processing cost is 2.9% plus a flat rate of 30 cents (or 30 pence) for each transaction.

When moving money from PayPal to a bank account, there are zero costs. However, the rapid transfer service has a small fee of 1%.

Remember that if your profits are in a different currency, you will be charged a conversion fee of 2.5% to 4% before the money can be withdrawn from your bank account.

PayPal charges a percentage fee of 0.50 % to 2% plus a flat cost for all international transactions. 

Today, if you are a business that processes many transactions, PayPal plans to reduce your rates. If you qualify, Their merchant rate reduces your processing fees from 2.9% to 1.9%. It seems like a pretty good deal.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to calculate the total cost of utilizing eBay and PayPal. We even have a fee calculator that works with your phone. Therefore you can quickly calculate expenses before making any transactions.

PayPal’s merchant account fees

Domestic Debit and Credit Card Transaction Fee1.20% + 30p
Additional percentage-based fee for international payments0.50% – 2% + flat fee depending on the currency
Monthly Fee£0
Currency Conversion fee2.5% – 4%, depending on the currency
In-Person PaymentsOptional (£69.95 per card reader)
Online PaymentsYes
Phone PaymentsOptional (additional application required)


1. What Are Paypal Fees For Selling On eBay?

PayPal fees on eBay UK might change based on the nature of the purchase. The current rates are as follows.

Payments made within the United Kingdom are subject to a set fee of £0.30 + 2.9% of the total transaction amount from PayPal.

PayPal’s fees for international transactions vary by recipient’s country, currency, and payment type. Payment processing fees are typically between 3.4% and 5.4% of the total transaction value, plus a flat rate that varies by currency.

2. Do I need a PayPal account for selling on eBay?

While a PayPal account isn’t required to sell on eBay, it is the preferred form of payment for most purchasers. You can utilize PayPal with your eBay account, but first, you’ll need to create an account.

3. Can I avoid PayPal fees when selling on eBay?

Unfortunately, Selling items on eBay without paying PayPal fees is impossible. While it is the industry standard for online payment processing, eBay’s Managed Payments solution may save you money.

4. How often do I get charged PayPal fees on eBay?

Each eBay payment deducts PayPal fees from your account. With your account’s activity log, you may get a precise analysis of all costs.


Payments for selling on eBay are an unavoidable cost that sellers must consider. These may appear pricey, but they provide a safe and easy payment solution for buyers and sellers. PayPal’s collaboration with eBay has made online transactions smooth and fast, and the fees are worth it.

Sellers should know that fees vary by transaction type and country, so they should be informed of any changes. Sellers may profit and offer competitive prices by including PayPal fees in their pricing strategy.

Although PayPal fees for selling on eBay may be a burden, they ultimately help customers and sellers.

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