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eBay Selling Limits and Restrictions 2024

Growing and scaling a business is crucial for its success, but it should be done slowly, especially for new sellers. eBay has some rules about how many products can be sold each month. These are called selling limits, and they help the sellers start safely and smartly.  But what if more products need to be sold than the limit allows? Don’t worry; there is a solution to this problem. This guide will teach everything about eBay selling limits and restrictions: what they mean, how to get a higher limit, and different ways to boost selling power on eBay.

What are eBay Selling Limits and Restrictions?

Selling limits and restrictions are eBay’s policies. They help sellers grow their businesses and serve their buyers well. They also help eBay create a marketplace where everyone can feel safe and trust each other.

eBay’s selling limits and restrictions are based on various factors, such as your account type, performance, history, and the category or item you are selling. They may change as you gain more experience and feedback on eBay. They are not meant to be permanent or punitive but rather to guide you in becoming a successful seller on eBay.

These limits also serve as protection for buyers. They help buyers avoid scams or purchases of stolen or counterfeit items. eBay evaluates your sales performance and customer service every month and may raise your limits automatically if you meet their standards. Only the listings you have sold or are still active count toward your monthly eBay limit.

Types of eBay Limits

You need to be aware of three types of eBay selling limits. 

  • Account-based selling limit: This restriction is based on how your selling account is currently performing. It sets a limit on how many products you can list or sell in a month. 
  • Category-based selling limit: A restriction for certain product types (categories). It limits how many items you can list or sell in those categories. 
  • Item-based selling limit: A restriction that bans the sale of certain products. It prevents you from listing or selling items prohibited or restricted by eBay. 

How these eBay seller limitations can affect you will be discussed below.

1. Account-based selling limit

If your account is verified, the selling limit will be higher. eBay can verify your account and personal details to increase this selling limit easily.

However, some product types do not have this limit. These are:

  • Property
  • Business, office, and industrial
  • Other motor vehicles and motorcycles (except their parts and accessory)

These product types do not have account-based limits because they usually involve transactions beyond the initial $500 minimum.

For everything else, the limits differ from one seller to another. When you list, the Sell Your Item form will let you know if any eBay seller restrictions apply to your account.

2. Category Based selling limit

You may face eBay category-based selling limits when selling a new product. Even if you have been an excellent seller on the platform in the past, this situation can occur. But you can see this as a chance to learn how to adjust to a new market. Mastering inventory and market basics is vital.

This eBay limit can affect you when you enter a new market. It can happen if any of these conditions apply to you: 

  • More than three percent of your sales in the previous year led to unhappy customers and legal issues against you. 
  • It is your first time selling this product category. 
  • You are still within the 90-day window of your first transaction. 
  • You last made sales in this category over a year ago. 

However, if you decide to settle your cases before expanding, you may be able to get a greater limit.

3. Product-Based Selling Limit

The online business world is full of imitations and product IP violations. Many sellers copy product IP and deceive buyers with counterfeit products. To address this problem, eBay has product-based limits to prevent the sale of fake, copied, or illegal products. Some high-end sellers prefer to restrict the sale of items such as designer bags, shoes, and other accessories.

How to contact them easily? VeRO A program has been created to encourage all users on the site, including buyers and sellers as well as product IP holders, to thrive.

This limit is directly related to eBay’s success as a reliable online marketplace for premium products. The marketplace is serious about this issue and imposes severe penalties if a seller is found guilty. You should always confirm your product listing on the platform with MPNs.

Why Does eBay Have A Selling Limit?

There are several reasons why eBay has selling limits, such as: 

  • Maintaining a fair market: Ensure that all sellers can sell their items on eBay. As long as there are no limitations, only a small number of large sellers can dominate the market, which makes it hard for other sellers to be successful.
  • Safeguarding buyers: Limits the number of items a seller can list to ensure that sellers provide quality customer service. The buyer is protected from fraudulent transactions and receives their purchases quickly with the highest level of satisfaction. 
  • Preventing fraud: eBay limits the number of items a seller can list to lower the risk of fraudulent activity, like selling fake or counterfeit goods. 
  • Assisting new sellers: Set initial selling restrictions for new sellers to help them start and grow their business gradually. It can prevent sellers from becoming overwhelmed or making mistakes that may damage their reputations.

Sellers must demonstrate that they deliver on their promises and are not simply selling. To protect buyers and sellers from fraudsters, eBay has a limit on all new accounts. It also makes people think about starting a business, such as dropshipping or eBay, to help them grow. 

This way, they can lower the risk of unhappy buyers and breaking the rules so buyers come back for more. But it’s not all about sending the packages. Sellers must show how they handle post-sale requests like returns or cancellations. And the products they sell must be authentic and matches the title, descriptions, and images.

What Is The Selling Limit For New eBay Account?

Your monthly sales limit will be 10 products with a maximum value of 500$ when you start selling on eBay. This limit is set by eBay to ensure that you are trustworthy before gaining more exposure. This beginner’s limit for eBay sellers will be discussed.

You can only sell 10 products a month. It’s the same whether you have 10 of the same product or 10 different products with one each. They add up the same. If you sell just one item after listing 10, your limit for the month will drop from 10 to 9.

Let’s look at an example. Listing one $500 item will also use up the limit. Even with one product, the limit will be hit. It’s better to start with cheap items to make the most of the sales limits, both for the product list and the money amount.

How to Check Your Selling Limits

Follow these simple steps to find your eBay sales limits.

  1. You can find the monthly limits section on the eBay Seller Hub. You will see how many sales and items you still have for the month.
  2. You can learn more about eBay’s policies on selling limits by clicking on the links under each limit. Clicking on this link will also show you how to request a higher limit. Your limits can be viewed in “My eBay signin” and “My eBay Sales Overview.”

You may have limits that are not only monthly but also category specific. They are limitations that only apply to specific categories or types of products. You may be restricted if, for example, you normally sell one type of product but want to try something new. eBay is doing this to test your credibility in various categories. Vehicles, jewelry, gift cards, and tickets are some categories with limits.

As you continue selling items across categories, your limits will increase.

There may be a very rare limit on selling certain items, which are hard to find and often cost more than originally priced. eBay does this to prevent unfair “scalping practices on eBay” that can harm other buyers and sellers.

You may be limited to listing 1-2 consoles sold elsewhere. Refrain from relying solely on selling items on eBay to make money.

How to Increase Selling Limits?

Selling limits are the monthly items or money that can be sold at most. They are designed to help you grow your business at a manageable pace and protect the eBay community from fraud.

Increase your selling limits automatically

Follow eBay’s Best Practices for Sellers, including:

  • Communication with customers and resolution of issues quickly
  • Earning positive ratings and feedback from customers
  • Giving accurate and complete product details is important. 
  • Shipping items fast and safely. 

These actions will show eBay that you’re a dependable and honest seller. eBay checks your account on the 20th of every month and changes your sales limits based on your ratings and performance. This may take up to 90 days.

Requesting an increase in your manual selling restrictions

You can ask eBay to increase your limits manually if you’re a first-time seller or urgently want to sell more products. Follow these steps:

  1. Click “Contact Us” on eBay’s customer service page.
  2. Choose “Selling“, “Creating a Listing“, and “Selling Limits“.
  3. You will see some info about the selling limit and a request link. Tap on the link, or scroll to the end and pick “Get automated assistance” or “Chat With Us”.
  4. Call eBay in the US at (866) 540-3229.

Be calm, polite, and clear when you speak to an eBay representative. Explain why you want a larger selling limit. You may have many high-quality popular items, and you want to get them sold quickly. Mention that if selling on another platform. 

However, keep in mind that a manual limit increase request is not guaranteed to succeed. eBay will check the account to see if a bigger limit is possible. Only one manual increase a month is allowed, so be ready to back up the request.


Both sellers and buyers can benefit from eBay’s fantastic platform. eBay safeguards them from fraud, scams, and other dodgy practices. The platform also has monthly eBay selling limits, which cap how many items or how much money can be sold. The limits are there to protect the safety and quality of eBay’s community.

How the account performs each month determines how eBay changes its limits. Providing excellent customer service and earning positive feedback is very important. This will boost sales and make you a successful seller.

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