eBay £1 Insertion Fee Promotion 2024

If you are a private seller on eBay, you might have received an email or a notification inviting you to participate in a special offer: the £1 eBay Insertion Fee Promotion. Don’t miss this chance to make money from your stuff and keep more of it for yourself. But what exactly is this promotion, and how can you get the most out of it? You’ll find some explanations for your inquiries below.

What is the £1 eBay Insertion fee Promotion?

The £1 insertion fee promotion is a limited-time offer that eBay occasionally runs for selected private sellers. You can post up to 100 items on in a fitting category and pay a mere £1 fee per listing. The insertion fee is the amount you pay to list an item on eBay, regardless of whether it sells.

The biggest advantage of this offer is that you get to keep the full amount if your item sells. The absolute value fee is the percentage of the total amount of the sale that eBay charges you when your item sells. Normally, this fee can range from 8% to 12%, depending on the category and the type of listing. But with this deal, you can enjoy all the earnings from your sales.

How to get the promotion?

To get the promotion, you need to be invited by eBay. A message with a magic link will pop up in your inbox or screen. Click on it to unleash this amazing deal. You need to click on the link and sign in to your account before you start listing your items. You’ll also find the countdown and deadline for this awesome offer in the message.

You can also check if you are eligible for the promotion by visiting this page: If you see an “Activate offer” button, you can click on it and sign in to your account.

Key features of the £1 insertion promo

  • Create up to 100 listings in any eligible category
  • Start your listings anytime within the offer period
  • Pick either auction-style or fixed-price format for your listings
  • Pay a flat £1 Insertion Fee per listing
  • Pay nothing as final value fees when your items sell
  • Refer to your email or notification for the offer start and end dates

Who is eligible for the £1 eBay insertion fee promotion?

The promotion is only available for the private sellers invited by eBay. To sell in the UK, you must register your address in the UK and post your items on the site. You must also comply with eBay’s basic seller performance criteria.

Who/what is not included in the promotion

The insertion fee does not apply to:

  • This offer is exclusively for personal sellers. Business sellers are not eligible for it
  • Sellers who have already received another offer invitation
  • Items in the categories of Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles, and Property
  • Items in the Classified Ads format
  • Items with a Reserve Price
  • Items using advanced listing tools such as Turbo Lister or Selling Manager Pro
  • Items that are relisted automatically during the offer period
  • Things with a Good ‘Til Cancelled duration
  • Listings with multiple quantities
  • Any other fees, including any international fees, are still applicable

eBay Insertion fees vs Regular fees: Comparison

To help you compare the insertion fee with the regular fees, here is a table showing how much you would pay to sell different items with different formats and prices.

ItemFormatPriceRegular Insertion FeeRegular Final Value FeeTotal Regular Fees£1 Insertion Fee PromotionTotal Promotion FeesSavings
BookFixed price£10£0.35£0.80£1.15£1£0£1.15
LaptopFixed price£200£0.35£24£24.35£1£0£24.35


If you want to make extra cash by selling unwanted items on eBay, you don’t want to miss the £1 eBay insertion fee promotion. This offer lets you list up to 100 items for only £1 each and pay nothing when they sell. 

You can save a lot of money on fees and keep all the profits from your sales. But hurry, this promotion is only available for a limited time and for selected private sellers. Check your email or notification to see if you are invited and activate the offer before it expires.

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