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Vinted vs eBay: Which is better in 2024

Do you need to generate additional money or remove some of the stuff in your closet? The question is, which e-commerce platform is the best? Today, we are comparing Vinted vs eBay marketplaces to find which is superior. Online auction and shopping sites like eBay, Vinted, and others have grown tremendously recently. Not only is it a convenient way to shop, but it’s also great for the environment! eBay recently teamed up with the hit reality show Love Island and saw searches for “pre-loved fashion” skyrocket by a whopping 700%!

Overview of Vinted

Vinted is the go-to place for buying and selling pre-loved clothes online. Established in 2008, it has quickly become a leading marketplace with over 50 million registered users worldwide and over 10 million items listed. 

It’s easy to start as a seller: register with your email, download the app, snap some clear photos of your item, describe any defects, and set a price. Customers can contact you directly through the app to discuss pricing and terms.

Number of users

As reported by Craft Data, Vinted is a fashion marketplace with a whopping 45 million users.

Selling fees

Are you looking to make some cash by selling your clothes on Vinted? Here’s the good news: there are no selling fees! However, paid options are available if you want to boost your listings. Get started on it and sell your clothes without worrying about vinted vs eBay pesky fees!

Selling options 

The platform offers two paid options to boost your listings and increase their visibility. The first is ‘bumping,’ which pushes your item to the top of users’ news feeds and catalog searches for three or seven days. 

However, the fee varies based on the selling price and is subject to change if you adjust the price. Remember that you will only be refunded if your bumped item violates Vinted’s guidelines and is removed.

The second option is the ‘Wardrobe Spotlight‘ feature, which costs £6.96 and requires you to have at least five items in your wardrobe. The five products are highlighted in users’ feeds, favorites, search results, and filter settings. However, if one of your items is sold or removed by Vinted, the feature will pause until you add another item.

While Vinted doesn’t charge a selling fee, these paid options can help you sell your items faster and for a better price. So, to boost your listings, consider using these features and watch as your items fly off the digital shelves!

Shipping fees

The buyer usually pays the shipping fee on Vinted, and you’ll receive a prepaid label for your parcel. Some shipping options require upfront payment, but you can add the cost to the item’s price and get reimbursed later—vinted partners with Evri, InPost, Yodel, and UPS Access Point for shipping.

Vinted Pros

  • Vinted is a leading marketplace that focuses on second-hand fashion.
  • It offers a social platform to connect with other users, share outfits, and get style inspiration.
  • Its robust safety policy ensures secure transactions and protects your personal information.
  • Compared to vinted vs eBay, When you sell an item, you pay a little charge, and it’s free to list it.
  • Its mobile app makes it easy to manage your listings and stay current on your purchases and sales.

Vinted Cons

  • Despite its enormous user base, Vinted is far less prevalent than competing platforms.
  • Since this store is not as established as other platforms like eBay, some buyers may hesitate to purchase.

eBay Overview

In 1995, eBay was born and quickly became the go-to place for selling items of all kinds. Opening an account and listing stuff is as simple as downloading the app.

To get the best results on eBay, you can try some tricks, such as starting with a low price to attract more customers or listing your item with a fixed price to encourage instant buyers. The sold listings and search criteria will show you the prices at which similar goods have recently sold, giving you a good indication of how much to ask for your item.

Check the ‘new postings’ section once you’ve posted your product listings to see if any sales have been made. You should expect to pay a 10% commission to eBay and another 5% to PayPal, the online payment processing system.

Number of users 

According to eDesk, eBay has 135 million users, making it one of the most popular online marketplaces.

Selling fees

Selling on eBay is easy, but there are fees to consider. You can list up to 1,000 items for free, but after that, you’ll pay a 35p fee per listing. In addition to a 30p per order fixed cost and other fees, eBay takes 12.8% of the total transaction price of an item (including shipping and taxes) as its final value fee. 

But if your item doesn’t sell, no worries! You won’t be charged any final value fee. And if you sell items above £2,500, you’ll pay an additional 3% fee on the amount above £2,500. Just keep these fees in mind when pricing your items, and you’ll be sure to make a profit.

Vinted vs eBay: Selling options 

UpgradeDescriptionFee per listing
Buy it Now priceA fixed sale price is shown to shoppers50p
Auction ListingAllows buyers to bid on active itemsFree
Reserve priceThe minimum price for an item to sell£1 (or 3.5% of the reserve price if over £50)
SubtitleAn extra line of text to make your listing stand out£2
List in two categoriesAdd a second category for more exposure35p
Gallery PlusLarger image when buyer hovers over your listing£2.50 (or free for certain categories)
SchedulerSchedule when your listing goes liveFree for first 1,000-1,100 listings, then 6p per listing
Promoted listingAdvertise your listing for more visibilityFlat fee or percentage of the sale
Special durationChoose a one or three-day listing duration35p (or free for certain seller types)

Shipping fees

You are responsible for shipping costs as a seller, but you can choose who pays for it. You can include it in the item’s price or pass the full cost onto the buyer.

eBay Pros

  • Easy payment system for hassle-free transactions
  • Established platform with a trusted reputation
  • Feel secure with eBay’s buyer protection program.
  • Reach more potential buyers with diverse product categories

eBay Cons

  • It could be costly for sellers due to higher fees and listing costs compared to other platforms
  • Provides a large selection of goods, not just old clothes.


If you’re considering selling your items online, you might be stuck comparing Vinted vs eBay. eBay has a wide audience and more ways to improve your listings, making it a great choice if you’re selling various items. But if you’re looking for simplicity and affordability, Vinted is the way to goit’s entirely free to sell on their platform.

But remember that eBay comes with some costs. After your first 1,000 listings, you’ll be charged 35p per listing, and it takes a 12.8% commission on your sales under their final value fee. If you plan to sell long-term, these costs could affect your profits.

So which platform is right for you? Both are good choices for selling clothes online. But, Vinted is the better option. Its social elements, low fees, and emphasis on pre-owned items make it an appealing platform for anyone trying to clear their closets and make additional cash. eBay’s vast selection of categories and large audience makes it ideal for sellers who want to sell various things to a large audience. You should consider Vinted if you want to clear out your wardrobe by selling your gently used clothing.

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